Customized Solution

We have an experienced R&D team in wireless communication technology
as well as Android / IOS platform development.


Program Planning

To listen and meet satisfy your demand,
we conduct your personal project design
and quickly implement smart upgrades and product introduction

Professional Development

With a decade of committing to
the field of embedded mobile communications
We strive for excellence

Customized Software

For your demand of specific smart function
We are able to provide services
such as customized APP and Computer control interface

Cloud Service

For cloud demands,
we will open the case to development and set up.
Enjoy data storage and analysis!

Dernières nouvelles

- System features -



Open system with high compatibility

System compatibility brings a better smart experienceto users. For customers, it has greater flexibility and cost saving with the collocation of requiredprotocols.
(Protocols: Enocean, ZigBee, Z-Wave, WiFi, BT 4.0)


Point-to-point control withoutsecurity worries

The system is designed with P2P control and a variety of encryption methods to avoid being hacked.


Cross-platform linkage between smart devices

As an open and interoperable system, Cap-Homey has achieved cross-platform linkage between vendors and will continue to expand applications to provide you with more options.


Hierarchical management to ensure stable transmission

For ensuring the stable signal transmission, we provide a variety of solutions and system architecture based on the conditions of your case.
For instance, adopting sub-machines in large and complex areas; or distinguish user identity and authority for business usage.


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